How You Brewin's 2020 Live Music Lineup

While we navigate these difficult times and search for the light at the end of the long, seemingly infinite quarantine tunnel, we can’t help but look ahead to the summer. In this glorious season of balmy mornings, sunny beach days and breezy evenings, the vibrant music scene of LBI emerges in a glorious explosion. Our 18-mile island is teeming with talent and we can only hope that by the summer, normalcy will be restored and our live music series can proceed as planned.  

From duos and jazz guitarists, to solo artists and pianists, our 2020 lineup is stacked with an awe-inspiring cast of musicians. Here are some of the performers we’re lucky to feature this summer:

1. Matt Fisher  

Matt Fisher Music, How You Brewin Coffee Company

We’re excited to continue our weekly ‘Cappy Hours’ this summer. Every Tuesday from 4pm-6pm, you can stop in on your way back from the beach to enjoy live music and drinks. One of our Cappy Hour regulars includes local artist Matt Fisher, an expert guitarist with an eclectic musical taste that ranges from The Temptations, to Springsteen. 

2. August and Oak

August and Oak music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Kick back and enjoy the relaxing musical stylings of indie-meets-folk duo, August and Oak. Locals Ryan Walsh and Brooke Milano, deliver splendid, soothing acoustic sets - perfect for your quiet evening out. 

3. Sam Marie Laubach 

Sam Marie Music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Sam Marie Laubach is a music education student at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. This multi-talented solo artist has mastered the ukulele, guitar and piano and her expert vocal range allows her to sing anything from Tom Petty and Goo Goo Dolls, to Adele and Sia.

4. Christ Fritz

Chris Fritz Music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Local legend and frontman for The Impulsives, Chris Fritz, is bringing his acoustic set to How You Brewin this summer. Fritz covers anything from classic and alternative rock, to country and pop.

5. Brian Massa

Brian Massa music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Brian Massa is an aspiring singer-songwriter from Toms River, New Jersey. From mellow fingerstyle playing, to spicy reggae, Massa brings a versatile, soulful style to his original, acoustic tunes. Come join us for a relaxing session with this uber-talented artist!

6. Sahara Moon

Sahara Moon music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Sahara Moon is a young and ambitious singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Her unique vocal tones transcend beyond her low and high range. Moon's songwriting incorporates her own indie flare that consists of genre fundamentals of folk, jazz, and blues. We are excited to have Sahara perform at How You Brewin on various dates throughout the summer.

7. Greg Warren

Greg Warren Music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Enjoy refreshing beverages and the smooth musical stylings of local musician, Greg Warren. Warren's jazzy, melodic riffs are the perfect soundtrack to your holiday weekend at the shore.

8. Dan Brown

Dan Brown music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Dan Brown is a local, live-looping musician who covers anything from Johnny Cash and The Grateful Dead, to Bob Marley and Drake. His calming, melodic vocals and expert guitar playing make for a relaxing coffee break.

9. Ty Mares

Ty Mares music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Ty Mares is a singer-songwriter originally from Denver, Colorado. Often likened to John Mayer in both style and talent, Mares plays a combination of R&B, pop, and rock, relying heavily on long flowing riffs and colorful chord progressions to accompany the melodies.

10. Allison Stella 

Allison Stella music at How You Brewin Coffee Company

Though we’ve pre-booked a handful of local acts for the summer, we’d like to welcome residents and vacationers to share their talents with us every Sunday from 7:30pm-9:30pm at our open mic nights. Seasoned musician, Allison Stella, will host these evenings and perform between acts. Participants are welcome to showcase their poetry, music, short stories, jokes and more! We are excited to see what talent surfaces on our cozy stage. 

For more information about our live music this summer, check out our online events calendar where you’ll find dates and times for each act. If you’d like to reserve our new space for your very own event, feel free to email for details.