Spend Memorial Day Weekend with us at How You Brewin!

It’s the unofficial start to summer here on Long Beach Island and we couldn’t be more excited to launch into the season of sun, surf and iced coffee. Here are all the fun, easy ways you can spend [at least a portion of] your Memorial Day Weekend with us at How You Brewin...

Order Online from our Surf City Location!

Trying to get your caffeine fix without changing out of your pajamas? Try our online ordering platform! Just visit our website’s homepage, click the button that says “Order Here,” peruse our menu of baked goods, lunch offerings and craft coffee beverages and... voila! Place your order and arrange to pick it up at How You Brewin Surf City. We’ll have your goodies ready to go so you can dash in and out without so much as changing out of your bunny slippers. 

Get Comfortable! 

Escape the elements and come hang out with us for a bit! Our Surf City location offers free WIFI, an extensive food menu, pristine bathrooms, a comfortable dining area and, of course, coffee. What more could you ask for on a warm (or rainy) day? 

Try Our Mocktails!

Have you paid a visit to our mocktail bar? We serve refreshing, alcohol-free, craft cocktails that incorporate caffeinated additives, like our house made cold brew and nitro. Give our sleek, new bar a visit and try our popular “Cold Fashioned,” a nostalgic take on the classic old fashioned cocktail. This booze-less beverage contains cold brew blended with vanilla and chocolate, topped with an orange float and splashed with grenadine. Yum! 

Check Out the Speed Bar!

If you’ve ever visited our Surf City location, you know how busy it gets in-season. While our staff members work extra hard to ensure fast, efficient service for our customers, we’ve added a new element to our coffee shop that will give patrons an opportunity to skip the line this summer: the Speed Bar. 

Located at the “Mocktail Bar” on the south side of our store, the new Speed Bar will give customers access to a limited menu so they can get their favorites in a timely manner. 

Hit the Beach! 

Sure, the weather is less-than-ideal this Memorial Day Weekend, but when has that ever stopped us from going to the beach? Grab your buddy (and a rain coat), order some craft coffee beverages from HYB and walk the beautiful beaches of LBI. Our Surf City location is just steps from the shore, so you can pick up your order and hit the sand! 

Visit Us at How You Brewin! 

Spend Memorial Day Weekend with us at How You Brewin. With locations in Surf City and Barnegat Light, there are plenty of opportunities to stop in for delicious food, refreshing coffee beverages and friendly, fast service. We can’t wait to see you all!