What it Means to Serve the Long Beach Island Community

Coffee shop on Long Beach Island


As we head into this next chapter at How You Brewin, we’ve had time to look back at the last 17+ years we’ve been in business and contemplate where we are and what led us to this point.  

Between changes in our business model, renovations to our literal structure, staff shifts, menu alterations and brand refreshes, our company continues to adapt within the ever-evolving coffee industry. But even through all of these changes, there’s been one constant: our community.  

The Long Beach Island region is a special one, persevering through superstorms, pandemics, local tragedies and the overall challenges of being a seasonal community. Our neighbors respond to each hurdle with grace, strength and togetherness. When one is hurting, others spring into action. When a tornado tears through High Bar Harbor, a clean-up crew is at the ready, poised to pick up the pieces. Operating in a region that displays such resilience and care in the face of challenge has informed everything we do here at How You Brewin.    

We love our community, and so creating a valuable space for our beloved neighbors means the world to us. A space where people can meet, drink coffee, exchange ideas, grow relationships and learn. A space where people can foster routine and relish the little joys in everyday life. A space where people can rest. At its core, we refer to all of this that happens at How You Brewin on a daily basis as one-anothering. 

It means everything to us that we have a place here in this community. As we continue to consider our growth plan, we hope to play a hand in the memories, school work, business meetings and coffee dates at each new How You Brewin that comes to fruition. We hope that every How You Brewin becomes a hub in its respective region, fostering the same values and goodwill that drive the Long Beach Island community we love so much.