Why We Chose to Franchise

Owners of How You Brewin Coffee Company


The past few years have been a whirlwind at How You Brewin Coffee Company. Between purchasing the property that houses our Surf City location, expanding said Surf City location, growing our team and diversifying our offerings, we’ve had our hands pretty full. But the whirlwind didn’t end with the renovation. Once we grew, we wanted to keep growing. So, after 17 years on Long Beach Island, we decided to take the leap and become an official franchise brand. 

As we’ve begun to flesh out a franchising plan and build out guidelines, protocol and branding measures for subsequent How You Brewin models, we’ve kept circling back to a very important, very simple question: Why? Why are we choosing to franchise? Why are we leaping from our comfort zone into an abyss of risk and unknowns? The answer to this all-encompassing question can be broken down into three basic answers. 

1. To Share a Sense of Community 

We. Love. Coffee. And more than coffee, we love our community. Creating a meeting place for people to meet, drink coffee, foster personal relationships and a sense of community fulfills both of these great loves of ours. In curating our franchising plan and sharing it with the world, we hope to play a hand in the memories, school work, business meetings, and coffee dates at each new How You Brewin. We hope that every How You Brewin becomes a hub in its respective region, fostering the values and goodwill that drive community. 

2. To Share Our Expertise  

It took years of trial and error to get to the point we are at today. With our hard-earned knowledge and expertise, we want to help fellow coffee connoisseurs skip a few steps and get straight to the finish line. After all, why reinvent the wheel? We’re proud of the brand we’ve built and want to share it with others so they can reap the rewards associated with owning and running their own business. 

3. To Provide Opportunity to Like-Minded Entrepreneurs 

Perhaps most important to us is sharing opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs. Our goal is to connect with folks who possess the passion, drive and spirit needed to carry on the How You Brewin brand. By giving like-minded individuals a leg-up in the industry, we hope to perpetuate the values that have built and bolstered How You Brewin Coffee Company. 

So what do you think? Ready to own an HYB? Visit our franchising page at or email us at with any questions you might have about HYB franchising.