Hot Drinks

Brewed Coffee

Daily offerings from our vast selection of origins, blends, and flavors

Hot Tea

Proudly serving Republic of Tea, with a dozen different offerings to choose from


The essence of coffee extracted into a 2 ounce beverage

Espresso Americano

Espresso blended with hot water for a made to-order brewed coffee experience

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso topped with whipped cream

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso with a spoonful of velvety milk foam


Double shot of espresso mixed with 2 ounces of steam milk for a concentrated version of a Café Latte

Café Latte

The customer favorite.  Espresso blended with steamed milk topped with a spoonful of milk foam.  Like it flavored?  Choose from over a dozen options and endless combinations


Equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam, for a strong variation of the Café Latte

Café Mocha

A Café Latte blended with delicious dark chocolate and topped with whipped cream

Chai Latte

An exotic mix of tea, spices, and milk, blended to perfection

Hot Chocolate

Gourmet dark chocolate syrup combined with steamed milk, topped with whipped cream