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5 New HYB Mocktails To Try This Fall

So long, Summer! Fall is here and with it, the welcome launch of pumpkin, maple, apple and cinnamon-flavored drinks. Transitioning into autumn is our specialty, especially now that we’ve got a brand new outlet for seasonally-themed beverage creations: our mocktail bar. Check out our latest booze-free drink specials!

1. Crisp LBI Evenings

Fall Mocktail With Apple Slices and Cinnamon

Take a sit at our mocktail bar, order up a “Crisp LBI Evenings” and get ready for an intoxicating whiff of apple cobbler. This drink contains apple cider, seltzer and caramel. We like to top it off with fresh apple slices and a hearty dash of cinnamon for a flavorful touch.

2. Labor Day Lemonade

Fall Mocktail with lemon

This beverage tastes just like a fall flavored jolly rancher. Lemonade blended with apple and cucumber. Add a splash of cranberry and a fresh lemon garnish for a juicy, tart twist.

3. Awesome Autumn Punch

Fall Mocktails with pumpkin

Ready for some pumpkin pie? Our creamy, Awesome Autumn Punch leaves behind warm hints of nutmeg and clove. We stir apple cider together with seltzer, pumpkin and salted caramel syrup. Add a whipped cream finish and you’ve got yourself a delectable fall drink!

4. Locals’ Summer Spritzer

Fall Mocktail

For this spritzer, we meld tropical notes with autumnal undercurrents. Pineapple juice, apple cider, lemon-lime soda and stone fruit join to make a delicious fall drink. Stir it all up with a cinnamon stick to add a bit of spice!

5. Razzle Dazzle

Fall Mocktail with Raspberries and Mint

This harvest punch utilizes our favorite fall fruit: the raspberry. Muddle up the berries, add seltzer and lemon-lime soda with splashes of cucumber and raspberry syrup. Don’t forget the mint and berry garnish!

In addition to these five fall specials, we’ve opted to keep a few of our original mocktails on the menu: The Metro, the Cold Fashioned and the Always Sunny on LBI. Visit our Surf City location to sample these craft beverages during our off-season mocktail bar hours (Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm).  


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