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7 Cool Coffee (And Non-Coffee) Drinks to Try This Summer

For those of you needing hot coffee-alternatives during the sweltering summer months, we’ve crafted a list of yummy, cool (literally and figuratively) beverages that will deliver you your daily dose of java without giving you an unflattering pair of pit stains.

1. The Metro

Our “Americano Soda” contains a double shot of espresso with vanilla syrup, seltzer and a mint garnish for a bubbly jolt of energy.

2. Cold Brew

Cold Brew on the beach

Cold brew is a smoother alternative to iced coffee. While traditional iced coffee is brewed with near-boiling water, cold brew is made with cooler, room temperature water. Coarse grounds are steeped for 24 hours and the resulting concentrate is filtered, given a dose of water and served cold. The resulting libation is smooth, sweet and oh-so-refreshing.

3. Cold Fashioned

Cold Fashioned Mocktail

A nostalgic take on the classic old fashioned cocktail. This booze-less beverage contains cold brew blended with vanilla and chocolate, topped with an orange float and splashed with grenadine.

4. Nitro

Nitro Cold Brew

Tastes like coffee, pours like Guinness. This foamy, creamy nitrogen-infused cold brew hardly needs any additives.

5. Hibiscus Iced Tea

Hibiscus Iced Tea

A refreshing, sweet libation for those averse to coffee, our hibiscus iced tea carries tart, floral notes (and it looks lovely in photos).

6. Ginger Mule

Ginger Mule Mocktail

Cold brew, muddled lime, ginger beer and a sprig of rosemary. This vodka-free take on the Moscow Mule is aromatic and refreshing with bright citrus flavors.

7. Always Sunny on LBI

A fan favorite at the mocktail bar, Always Sunny on LBI is nitro shaken up with coconut and topped with an orange float. Strap in for creamy, powerful citrus notes and a sharp caffeine kick.

Can’t take the heat? Stay out of the sun and spend some time at one of our locations in Barnegat Light and Surf City. We’ve got a new line of refreshing mocktails in Surf City to go with plentiful seating and air conditioning!

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