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7 Different Types of Coffee Drinks Explained

The traditional coffee shop menu can be a daunting read, especially when there’s a line of antsy customers behind you waiting to satisfy their coffee fixes. That’s why we’ve compiled this quick and easy cheat sheet of 7 different types of coffee drinks explained. 

Café Latte 

cafe latte

Let’s start with the “cafe latte” or just “latte.” This classic drink is one-third espresso and two-thirds steamed milk, incorporating a small dose of textured milk known as microfoam. They can be sweetened with flavored syrups like pumpkin, caramel, vanilla, etc.   

Café Mocha 

Mocha latte

Think “hot chocolate and coffee.” The mocha is a sweet blend of our chocolate sauce with espresso and velvety textured milk, providing an intoxicatingly rich beverage. 


This popular menu item is said to have originated during World War II when American soldiers stationed in Europe incorporated hot water into their espresso so that it tasted more like the coffee they were accustomed to at home. The Americano is an espresso version of traditionally brewed drip coffee, providing a made-to-order experience. 



This balanced beverage is equal parts espresso and textured milk, served at How You Brewin in an 8-ounce cup. The word “cortado” is actually Spanish for “cut,” and appropriately so, since the boldness of the espresso is “cut” with a dash of milk in this specialty drink!  


cappuccino and scone

This creamy drink is similar to a latte, but with a thicker dose of microfoam, resulting in a more concentrated coffee and dessert-like experience.  


Fun fact: in Italian, “macchiato” means “spotted.”  An Espresso Macchiato is (fittingly) a shot of espresso spotted with a spoonful of milk foam. Consider converting it into an Espresso Con Panna, swapping out the milk foam with whipped cream! 

Chai Latte  

iced chai latte

A Chai Latte is not a coffee beverage, but rather an Indian-originated beverage made by blending textured milk and spiced black tea with chai spices. This increasingly popular drink is a delicious blend of cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger and cloves (served hot or iced).  

It’s time to take this newfound knowledge to the streets! Visit How You Brewin and give one of these classic coffee shop beverages a go.    

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