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Beat the Heat Wave at HYB: 7 Refreshing Coffee Drinks to Try This Summer

July felt like one, never ending heat wave on Long Beach Island. With more scorching temps to come, we decided to make these unbearably hot days a little more bearable. Check out our curated list of refreshing HYB drinks that will surely get you through this cruel summer!  

1. Cold Brew

Cold brew

Our famous classic cold brew is house made and the smoothest coffee concoction you can get your taste buds on. We carry regular and flavored varieties on tap and even sell a canned version so you can stock up your home refrigerator!

2. Blueberry Hibiscus Iced Tea

Blueberry hibiscus iced tea

For the non-coffee drinkers (or the folks that want a little change) our blueberry hibiscus herbal iced tea will cool you down from head to toe. Fruity and fresh, this iced tea will take ten degrees off of your day!

3. Cold Brew Horchata

Cold brew horchata

Horchata is a beverage with Spanish origins typically made from vanilla, rice and cinnamon. At HYB, we’ve added our own little spin on this creamy drink: cold brew. Mixed up frappe-style, our cold brew horchata is a thick, sweet, caffeinated treat perfect for these unbearably hot days!

4. Cold Fashioned

Cold fashioned, cold brew mocktail

This booze-free mocktail is a delicious blend of cold brew, vanilla, chocolate and grenadine topped off with an orange float for an extra-citrusy zing.

5. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee

This is a no-brainer. Our perfectly balanced iced coffee is the classic summer drink for coffee enthusiasts. We recommend adding a flavor shot or two (coconut is a favorite) for a sweet effect!

6. Fiestagria

Fiestagria, mocktail

If you haven’t hit up our mocktail bar this season, you simply must. Our Fiestagria is a tropical vacation in a cup with muddled orange, seltzer, pineapple juice and mixed sangria flavors.

7. Surf City Lemonade 

Surf City Lemonade, mocktail

Think “jolly rancher.” Our Surf City Lemonade is a juicy, tart beverage. We took classic lemonade and added apple and cucumber with a splash of cranberry. 

There you have it - some of our most refreshing drink menu items for the summer! This list isn’t a comprehensive representation of our offerings, so if you don't see anything that strikes your fancy, chances are we have something you’ll love in our store on our full menu!  

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