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Guide to How You Brewin as a Non-Coffee Drinker

Want to indulge in the How You Brewin experience and feel that feeling of one-anothering this summer, but you just don't like the taste of coffee or need a break from caffeine? We got you! 

Our menu boasts a variety of tasty and refreshing drinks that will be sure to have you hooked. 

MocktailsOur mocktails are sure to brighten your day, and we have two that are "coffee-free". The Lemonade is a customer favorite with a mixture of lemonade, apple, cucumber, and a splash of cranberry. We also offer a Hibiscus Berry Spritz that features hibiscus tea and a splash of berry! 

Smoothies - With the delightful options of peach, strawberry, or can't go wrong with a deliciously, refreshing smoothie!  Especially on a hot day. 

FrappesDon't be afraid of the title of "coffee" frappe.  These frozen delights have only the slightest hint of coffee with more of a delicious milkshake flavor.  Take your pick from mocha, caramel, java chip, or vanilla!

Iced Teas - Order it black, or one of the current popular flavors of Hibuscus Blueberry. Iced teas are great for any time of the day, whether you are heading in for a morning treat or a mid-day pick me up. 

We also have iced or hot chai tea that is a definite favorite. Pour some into our Tomo 2 Cup Travel Thermos and hit the beach with a friend or loved one!

Steamers - Ever wanted a latte, but without the espresso? Steamed milk with your flavor of choice is what makes our Steamer drinks, popular mostly with young kids but a fun treat for any age. Pro tip: Ordering a Mocha Steamer makes the best How You Brewin hot chocolate, and topped off with whipped can't go wrong with this classic!


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