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How to Make HYB Coffee in a French Press

How You Brewin Coffee

Looking for a heavy-bodied cup of coffee that your conventional coffee brewer just can’t achieve? The French Press is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that can accomplish just that. 

This month’s blog is all about brewing the perfect cup of coffee in your French Press. Check out our tips below! 

What You’ll Need

A clean French Press rinsed with warm water along with 32oz of fresh, hot water. You’ll also need 10 tablespoons of your favorite HYB coarse ground coffee!

Step 1: Preheat

You’ll want to “preheat” your French Press by rinsing it with warm water. Preheating your French Press helps regulate temperature during the brewing process for optimal extraction. 

Step 2: Use Coarse Ground Coffee

When you purchase a bag of coffee at HYB, you have the option of requesting it ground or whole bean. Whether you’re in-store or online, you can select the “French Press” grind option and… voila! Your coffee is ground to the perfect, coarse consistency and ready for brewing. 

Measure out 10 tablespoons of the coffee and pour into the empty carafe. 

Step 3: Add Water

Fill your carafe halfway with water that’s just under a boil. Stir grounds to bloom. The term “bloom” describes the quick bubbling of carbon dioxide when your grounds come into contact with hot water and “degass.” If your coffee is fresh, your grounds should puff up and foam.  

Step 4: Add More Water 

Fill the carafe all the way to the top with more hot water.  

Step 5: Place Lid On Carafe 

Place the lid on the carafe and set your timer for four minutes.  

Step 6: Press Down Plunger

At the four minute mark, press down the plunger on your French Press and turn knob to close screen and separate the coffee grinds from the water. 

Step 7: Enjoy! 

This is perhaps the most important step in the coffee home-brewing process. Once your coffee has finished brewing, pour immediately and enjoy while it’s hot! The resulting cup should measure around 24 ounces.

Next time you brew your HYB coffee from home, share a photo with us for a chance to be featured on our social media platforms. Happy brewing!

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