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How to Make Pour Over Coffee

pour over coffee tips

Ready to try a new coffee-brewing method? This one involves a peculiar glass vessel with a funnel-shaped center. The method? Pour over. A highly-efficient, intricate method for brewing a flavorful, barista-level cup of joe.  

Unlike other brewing methods, the pour over technique consistently replenishes the liquid around your coffee grounds with fresh water, promoting a quick, efficient brew. Coffee enthusiasts prefer pour over to other brewing methods because of the control they have over the finished product. The brewer can manage the flavor extraction process by overseeing the balanced saturation of their coffee grounds. And when done right, the pour over process can be fun!  

Here’s what you’ll need to make your perfect cup of pour over:  

  • A pour over carafe with a paper filter 
  • 400 grams of hot water 
  • 25 grams of your favorite How You Brewin coffee  
  • A scale  

Step 1 

Place a 20oz pour over carafe with a paper filter on your scale.  

Step 2 

Pre-wet the paper filter with hot water and then discard the hot water from the carafe.  

Step 3 

Zero out your scale. Using fresh coffee ground on drip” setting, measure 25 grams of coffee in your pre-wet paper filter.  

Step 4  

Zero out your scale again. Now, using boiling hot water, pour approximately 50 grams of water over your fresh grounds and let bloom for 30 seconds. The term “bloom” describes the quick bubbling of carbon dioxide when your grounds come into contact with hot water and “degass.” If your coffee is fresh, your grounds should puff up and foam.   

Step 5  

Continue to pour water over the grounds slowly until the scale reaches 400 grams of water total.  

Step 6  

Let the liquid finish dripping until your resulting beverage is a 12oz coffee and enjoy immediately - while hot!  

Next time you brew your HYB pour over coffee from home, share a photo with us for a chance to be featured on our social media platforms. Happy brewing!   

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