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How to Prepare for a HYB Summer

Summer is coming soon and we want to make sure you are fully ready and prepared to enjoy your favorite coffee in your favorite places. We have put together a list of tips and tricks to make sure your How You Brewin summer is one to remember.

The Ultimate HYB Summer Check List:

  • Club Refill Program - Take advantage of our Club Refill program, saving you money with each coffee run and protecting the environment with reusable cups.

    By bringing in our 20oz clear tumbler, you can receive $2 iced coffee or tea, $3 cold brew, or $4 nitro cold brew at any of our locations. $1 hot coffee or tea at any of our locations.

    With our 12oz stainless travel mug, you can receive $1 hot coffee or tea. Need an option for a bigger crowd? By bringing in our 64oz stainless growler, you can receive $10 hot coffee, $12 iced coffee or tea, $14 cold brew, or $16 nitro cold brew.

  • Create a Rewards Account - Make sure to set up an in-store rewards account. For every $2 spent, you will receive 1 point. Unlock $10 for every 200 points you earn. 

  • Utilize Gift Cards - Gift cards are not only the perfect gift to give a fellow HYB fan, but they make those quick coffee trips in the morning smooth and easy. Trying to set a budget this year? Gift cards are also the perfect way to set your budget on the gift card amount. 

  • Represent - Explore our merch today, with new additions made this year. We have everything you need from a tote for the beach, a sweatshirt for the cool summer nights, a hat to keep the sun off your face, and so much more!

  • Subscribe for the rest of the year - As summer comes to an end, your time enjoying HYB coffee doesn't have to. Be a part of our subscription program, subscribing to your favorite origins and flavors to have our coffee shipped to your doorstep at a frequency of your choosing. You can also enjoy extra savings when you subscribe!

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