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How to say "Thank You" this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates so much more than just lots and lots of comfort food, shopping deals and football. 🦃 🛍 🏈

For many, it's a time to gather with friends and family that we don't often see and we wanted to share with you ways to make those moments more special and intentional. Because for us, these are the moments that matter most.

Simply, saying "Thank You"

Often, we assume that many things go without saying, but when it comes to sharing our gratitude for someone or something they do, we want to stop assuming and start doing. So before you start diving into the Thanksgiving meal, or when you say your goodbyes until next time, take a moment to simply say "thank you".

Handwriting a Letter

In our modern age, taking the time to write a handwritten letter can mean so much more than other ways to communicate our gratitude. Especially for those who are far from us this holiday season, sending a "thank you" letter not only delivers a special message but gives the recipient something they can keep and look back on. 

Handwritten messages matter so much to us that we write one in every package we send out from online purchases. Would you rather send a gift? Explore our online store.

Sending or Bringing Flowers

An underrated gift that they can display as a reminder of your gratefulness whenever they see it. We love the way flowers enhance any space and we know whoever receives yours will love it too!

With a Cup of Coffee

You probably could have guessed that this would be on the list, because for us, there is no better way to share how much you appreciate others. Some of the best moments are shared over a cup of coffee, so grab your favorite origin or blend and start brewing. Need more coffee? You still have time to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

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  • Hi! Are you going to start offering bundles of 2oz variety packs yet? I’d Llve to try some of the other flavors and they’d make a great gift!

    Mariane Browne

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