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How Working from HYB Increases Productivity

You may have noticed that the community coffee house has quickly become the modern-day office. Laptops and tablets are as ubiquitous as coffee cups and muffins on the tables of How You Brewin. This shift in work locale can be attributed to a variety of factors. From the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shuttering of conventional workspaces, to the general softening of home/work life boundaries, working remotely from your local java joint has become an en vogue practice.  

Is this a good thing? Can more be accomplished from a public arena than that of an enclosed, private work space? Yes… here’s why...    

The Coffee House Effect 

The coffee house effect is a phrase used to describe the recent phenomena concerning workforce personnel who clock in and out (hypothetically) at their local coffee shops as opposed to an official company office. Researchers have looked into this trend and subsequently found that characteristics typical to a cafe or coffee shop can actually increase brain productivity and work efficiency.  

The brain naturally seeks out novelty, or new things. At coffee houses, the lively stimuli (smells, ambient noises, people) satisfies the brain’s search for novelty and causes it to release dopamine, which has been tied to motivation. The aroma of grinding coffee beans, low din of conversing patrons, taste of espresso and sights of customers filtering in and out can actually increase your brain’s productivity and improve cognitive flexibility. Who knew? 

Working from How You Brewin Coffee Company

Informal Atmosphere  

Formal office spaces are notoriously stuffy. Working at a cozy, accommodating location like How You Brewin can actually relax your mind and stimulate an imaginative and productive workflow. Did we mention there’s no dress code here?  

$1 Coffee Refills  

The most obvious reason of all is the endless $1 hot coffee refills at your fingertips. Patrons with any HYB logo mug or refill cup are free to enjoy discounted fill-ups all day long. That’s more than enough coffee to power your back-to-back zoom sessions!  

How You Brewin Coffee Company Mugs

Broad Food Menu 

Our versatile food and drink menus allow worker bees the option to stay with us all day long. From hot sandwiches to fresh salads, we have food items to satisfy breakfast, lunch and even dinner (if you’re so inclined).  

avocado breakfast toast

Free Wifi  

Perhaps the most enticing (behind discounted coffee refills) reason to work at HYB is our fast and free WIFI. Just place your order, grab a seat and sign in with your email for our free customer WIFI network.  

Come See For Yourself!  

Hitting a wall at home? Pack up your things and join us at How You Brewin in Surf City! Our ambient atmosphere is conducive to your cognitive functionality while our countless amenities can accommodate your needs and increase your productivity.    


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