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HYB Barista Picks: Unique Coffee Drinks You Really Need to Try

In the last few months or so, you may have noticed our “Meet The Team Series” on social media. We’ve been interviewing and featuring our delightful staff members, sharing their deepest, darkest secrets (not really) with our followers.

In each interview, we ask our baristas what their favorite HYB drinks are, soliciting some rather interesting and unique answers. So interesting and unique, in fact, that we decided to compile their answers in one post for all of you to peruse. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next order?

How You Brewin Coffee Company barista drink picks; espresso

1. Espresso Over Ice with a Splash of Half and Half

Lanie, one of our Senior Baristas and latte art-masters, chose a creative bevvie of choice: espresso over ice with a splash of half and half. “The espresso flavor is so rich and elevated with the touch of cream.”

How You Brewin Coffee Company barista drink picks; cafe breve

2. Cafe Breve

Annmarie, our Back of House Manager chose the Cafe Breve as her favorite libation. A sweet concoction of espresso and half-and-half, balancing bold and sweet. “It doesn't get any better than espresso and cream.”

How You Brewin Coffee Company barista drink picks; raspberry white chocolate mocha latte

3. White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha

For her favorite drink, our Senior Barista Kathy chose a dessert-like treat: a white chocolate raspberry mocha (iced in the summer, hot in the winter). Sounds like something from our bakery case, doesn’t it?

How You Brewin Coffee Company barista drink picks; jazzy jack cold brew

4. Jazzy Jack Cold Brew

Jackie, HYB Barista extraordinaire, chose a seasonal cold brew as her drink of choice. Jazzy Jack O’ Lantern: a spiced mix of our signature coffee blends, Jazzy Java and Pumpkin. “It's delish.” Lucky for you readers, this flavor will be making a return next fall!

How You Brewin Coffee Company barista drink picks; coconut iced latte

5. Coconut Iced Latte

While many opt for fall and winter flavors this time of year, our Barista Courtney craves tropical tastes. When prompted to pin down her go-to, Courtney opted for a coconut iced latte. An LBI beach day liquified and cupped.

How You Brewin Coffee Company barista drink picks; caramel cold brew with oat milk

6. Cold Brew with Caramel and Oat Milk

Andrea, our Assistant Manager, likes to sweeten up our classic, housemade cold brew with a touch of caramel and a splash of oatmilk. “It’s like dessert in a cup and it gives me the kick start I need.”⠀

How You Brewin Coffee Company barista drink picks; blueberry cream coffee

7. Blueberry Cream Coffee with Half and Half

Not many of our staff members chose a coffee blend for their drink of choice. But Dee, our Assistant Manager, strayed from the pack and went for a flavored brew. Her favorite HYB beverage? Blueberry Cream hot coffee with half and half. “It is smooth, sweet and delicious.” ⠀

How You Brewin Coffee Company owners Dan Malay and Lori Malay  

8. Maple Spice Cortado

HYB’s co-owner, Lori, went a rather unconventional route for her preferred drink: a maple spice cortado. “Maple spice is my favorite flavor. A cortado is like a mini latte with less milk.”

9. Blackberry Sage Hot Tea

Lori’s other half and HYB’s co-owner, Dan, was the only interviewee to pick a tea (gasp). HYB’s blackberry sage hot tea is his “first thing in the morning” bevvie, chased in the afternoon with a cup of our rotating flavored cold brew (which just so happens to be Peppermint Bark this month). Of the blackberry sage tea Dan swears, “It’s what we’ll be drinking in heaven.”

Any of these drink ideas strike your fancy or spark inspiration for your own, signature creation? Next time you’re in, ask our baristas what’s good! Remember that here at HYB, we have a variety of syrups and milk alternatives so that you can go off-menu, shake up your order and expand your caffeine palette. It’s the new year… so try something new!

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