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Is Coffee a Good Pre-Workout Supplement?

Is coffee a good pre-workout supplement?


A question we frequently get from customers at How You Brewin is, “Is coffee an effective pre-workout?” While we can't say for sure whether or not coffee is a viable supplement for all fitness gurus, we can provide a list of coffee-related, performance-enhancing benefits. 

Coffee Wakes You Up and Keeps You Focused

Did you know that most pre-workouts contain caffeine? Caffeine increases brain activity and stimulates the nervous system, helping you feel more awake, energized and focused during a workout. 

Coffee Improves Endurance  

Fun Fact: the effects of coffee on athletic endurance are so great that some organizations, like the NCAA , have made it a restricted substance. That’s right. High doses of coffee are banned 2-3 hours before a competition. Coffee has been known to increase physical coordination as well as mental concentration, so athletes can sustain their workouts for a longer period of time.  

Coffee May Reduce Soreness  

When we say “reduce soreness,” we don’t mean eradicate pain or fatigue. Research has shown that caffeine can simply lessen the perception of pain and fatigue for athletes, so that they can continue strenuous activity for longer bouts of time.  

Coffee Burns Fat 

Studies have shown that caffeine can increase your body’s heat production as well as its ability to break down fat cells. Caffeine also increases your metabolism and daily calorie burn, naturally stimulating weight loss!    

Long story short, coffee has many exercise-related benefits that make it an attractive pre-workout alternative! So next time you hit the gym, hit up HYB first and grab a cup of coffee (30-60 minutes before your workout). Follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook for more coffee content! 

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