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Just Ask Episode 5: Latte vs. Cappuccino

The latte versus the cappuccino. What’s the difference? For this segment of “Just Ask,” we answer that very question.  

Lattes and cappuccinos have the same fundamental ingredients: espresso and milk. So for non-baristas and non-coffee aficionados, the two menu items are easy to confuse. The singular difference between a latte and a cappuccino rests with the consistency of the heated milk that is added to the espresso. A latte contains steamed milk and a relatively small top layer of foamed milk for a creamy, more subdued flavor profile. A cappuccino contains equal parts steamed and foamed milk, resulting in a frothier, stronger mouthfeel.    

Essentially, with more steamed milk than foam, a latte feels weightier than its airy, cappuccino counterpart.

Check out the video below where HYB co-owner Lori demonstrates the making of a latte and cappuccino with the help of a seasoned HYB barista.  


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