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Just Ask Episode 6: What is Cold Brew?

In recent years, cold brew has taken the coffee industry by storm. So popular is this craft coffee beverage that it’s graduated from your local coffee shop to restaurants, grocery stores and even home refrigerators. At How You Brewin, we’ve gone from brewing and selling our classic cold brew recipe in-store, to kegging and canning our cold brew for the world to experience!

So what exactly is this cold brew we speak of? It’s important to know that it’s not iced coffee. While traditional iced coffee is brewed with near-boiling water and then made cold using a process called ‘flash chill,’ cold brew is made with cooler, room temperature water over a long period of time. Coarse grounds are steeped for 24 hours and the resulting cold brew concentrate is filtered, given a dose of water and served cold. The resulting libation is a smooth, less acidic, more highly-caffeinated version of old school iced coffee.

Check out the video below where HYB co-owner Lori walks us through the making and flavor profile of cold brew coffee.

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