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Making the Most of Your Coffee Subscription

Coffee that inspires moments

It's no secret that our coffee subscription allows you to freely subscribe to your favorite HYB coffee, grind type and delivery frequency, so that you never run out of coffee again. It's exciting, easy and completely stress-free. You can truly set it and forget it.

But we don't just want it to end there, we want you to use this experience to enhance every moment throughout your day. We want to show you exactly how having a personalized subscription for your daily brew can enhance important moments throughout the day, because sometimes, the best moments are the little moments (around coffee).

1. Establish a morning routine.

Woman holding a cup of coffee on a bed with a dog in the background. Coffee mug says "morning, pumpkin" on the side.

Who can raise their hand and say that their morning cup of coffee is a NECESSITY? Probably most of us!

Creating a routine and space for yourself to get ready in the morning can often determine your mindset and productivity for the rest of the day. Whether you set the pot of coffee the night before or start it right when you wake up, taking time to relax and enjoy a fresh cup of joe can be essential.

2. Get together with a loved one.

Two hands holding across a table with two cups of coffee.

Take the time to remind those around you how much you love and appreciate them, and what better way than by sharing a cup of your favorite brew or blend?

It's easy for life to get busy and to go through the motions, even with those closest to us. Use a moment of your coffee time to be intentional with those you love. Sit together. Put the phones away. Listen. Laugh. Enjoy!

3. Pick-me-up from the work day.

Woman holding a latte on a bed while working on a laptop.

Energize a long day on the job or take a break after an intense meeting with a fresh brew. With each sip, allow yourself to slow down and relax, maybe even taking time away from a screen for a bit.

Here's a short list of endless activities you can do while you take time for yourself mid-day with your coffee: Stretch. Go on a short walk. Organize your thoughts. Journal. Brainstorm. Plan out the rest of the day. Listen to music or your favorite podcast.

4. Bring together old friends.

Friends sitting together laughing with coffee cups.

Anytime you walk into a coffee shop, you can see the natural way coffee brings people together and fosters community. Coffee is truly a culture, so you can use it as a reason to gather that old group of friends you haven't seen in awhile. 

The pandemic made this difficult for many of us, so make up for lost time and pull out your collection of coffee mugs. Don't have enough? Check out some of the mugs that we have available on our online store here.

5. Go on an adventure.

Hand holding a splashing coffee cup in nature that says "the adventure begins".

The early fall season can hold some of the best times to go out and explore. Pack up your camping gear, fill a coffee growler and go on an adventure. Because all hiking views are better with a cup of coffee!

Let your love for coffee enhance each moment throughout your day. Need a fresh bag of beans? Want to try a new flavor? Or looking for a fresh tee shirt to rep your favorite LBI coffee house? Explore our online store today!

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