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Our Favorite Espresso Martini Recipe

We love a good cocktail, especially one that incorporates our all-time favorite ingredient: coffee!  

In this blog post, we’re taking our love for coffee-based concoctions to the next level and highlighting what we believe is one of the best espresso martini recipes on the internet. Check out the recipe below!    

What is a Martini? 

A standard martini is a two-ingredient cocktail containing gin (or vodka) and dry vermouth. The drink is typically garnished with an olive or lemon twist for some added, complimentary flavor.  

What is an Espresso Martini?  

The espresso martini takes its iconic predecessor to new heights with (as the name implies) espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka.  

We love the espresso martini for its creamy, rich taste. While a martini elicits limited flavor with its short list of components, the espresso martini packs a caffeinated bunch in every sip.   

Our Favorite Espresso Martini  

Our favorite espresso martini recipe is a smooth, refreshing creation from Joyful Healthy Eats. Dubbed the “Chilled Espresso Martini,” the five ingredient cocktail incorporates espresso, coffee liquor, vodka, simple syrup and Baileys Irish Cream for an indulgent touch.  

To make this cocktail, add the espresso, Baileys, vodka, coffee liquor, simple syrup and ice to a shaker and shake until frosted. You may then strain the mixture into your chilled glass of choice (Joyful Healthy Eats uses a coupe glass) and garnish with a few, fresh coffee beans. The resulting beverage is a frothy and refreshing treat!  

Get Mixing!  

Ready to whip up this delicious cocktail at home? Grab a bag of our Espresso Blend and the rest of the ingredients we listed above. Just remember to drink responsibly!  

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