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Our Favorite Fall Flavors (& the best ways to enjoy them!)

Let's embrace Fall together this season.

When you think of Fall, is it full of lots of yummy comfort foods? Moments with friends and family? Smells and flavors of pumpkin, apples, caramel and cinnamon? Us too!

Here is a complete list of all of our favorite Fall flavors, each paired with a Fall activity that makes for the perfect match:

Pumpkin Spice.

This wouldn't be a true Fall flavors list without starting off with the popular Pumpkin Spice. All things pumpkin spice is truly the essence of Fall with warm notes of holiday spices and the smell of delicious pumpkin pie... you can just see the leaves falling outside. 🍂

With Halloween approaching in the coming weeks, there is no better time to start putting up spooky decor while sipping this nostalgic brew. Make a day of it by starting at a local pumpkin patch to pick the perfect ones for your home. Invite friends over, turn up the Monster Mash and have a Jack-O-Lantern carving competition. 🎃

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Apple Cider Donut.

Not a fan of pumpkin spice? Look no further than our October-exclusive Apple Cider Donut flavored coffee beans to capture autumn in a cup, featuring tangy apples and a hint of cinnamon spice that collide with sweet sugar. Have caramel syrup in the pantry? Add it into your morning coffee for a flavor similar to caramel apples! 🍎🍏

This is your sign to bake a homemade apple pie. Either pair it with apple-picking or grab your favorite type from your local store and clear your plans for the day. Put on a classic Halloween movie in the background while you bake and the entire family can enjoy!

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Jazzy Java.

Another wonderfully-Fall flavor is our year-round favorite - Jazzy Java, featuring a sprinkle of cinnamon, Jamaican dark rum and fresh roasted southern pecans that will rock your taste buds. Some of our local Jazzy Java fans even say this has a hint of Maple!

Have you found your Halloween costume yet? 👻 What better time to start looking than while you are enjoying a cup of our Jazzy Java. Get your creative juices flowing, maybe even think of a group costumer for the whole family.

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Vermont Maple Nut.

The perfect pairing with a cool, early morning or late evening. These signature flavored beans imitate Vermont maple syrup with a hint of walnuts... a wonderful New England coffee!

Enjoy this Fall flavor while gathered with friends around a backyard campfire. 🔥Sip while keeping your hands warm with a hot cup of joe and your body warm in front of the warm fire. Take it up a notch by snacking on s'mores!  

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