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Surviving Winter With HYB

Is it just us, or does it feel like we were catapulted into winter this week? Threats of snow loom on the horizon and while LBI is abundant with wintry delights, the weather has a way of confining us to our warm, sweatpant-friendly homes like hibernating bears. But we’re here for you! How You Brewin, isn’t just here to serve you in the warm summer months. Our Surf City location is open all year round and equipped to accommodate each season and its accompanying hassles.  

Here are a few ways to survive the winter doldrums with a little help from your friends at HYB.  

Online Ordering 

Online Ordering at How You Brewin

For the days you want to get your coffee without changing out of your pajamas, try our online ordering platform! Just visit our website’s homepage, click the button that says “Order Here,” peruse our menu of baked goods, lunch offerings and craft coffee beverages and... voila! Place your order and arrange to pick it up at your time of choice. We’ll have your goodies ready to go so you can dash in and dash out without so much as changing out of your bunny slippers.    

Work From HYB 

Work Remotely at How You Brewin in Surf City

With the decline of offices and conventional work spaces, most working folks are confined to their kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. But working in the same place you sleep can kill the work vibe. Escape your house and set up your office in your home away from home: How You Brewin.  

With the comforts of a coffee shop and the resources of a modern communal workspace, you’ll find that your productivity soars through the roof when you grab a seat at HYB. We offer free WIFI, an extensive food menu, pristine bathrooms, a comfortable dining area and, of course, coffee. What more could you ask for?  

Coffee and Beach 

Coffee on the beach

Okay. Hear us out. We know it’s cold out there but when are you ever going to have the entire Surf City beach to yourself? Grab your dog or a buddy, bundle up, order some hot cocoas from HYB and walk the barren, crystalline beaches of LBI. Our Surf City location is just steps from the shores of Long Beach Island, so you can pick up your order and hit the sand!  

Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Subscription service

We’re taking the whole “not leaving the house” thing one step further with our coffee subscription service! Visit our website, choose your favorite blend (or one you’ve been dying to try) and have it shipped directly to your door on a regular basis. Just choose the flavor, grind and frequency of auto shipment. For an even better deal, prepay for 3 shipments and receive a 10% discount on your entire order!

Warm Up at How You Brewin!

Shake off the winter blues and spend the frigid season with us at HYB. Take advantage of our convenient list of services that make seasonal transitioning a walk in the park. Questions? Shoot us an email at   

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