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The Art of Pairing: Coffee and Seasonal Treats

As the crisp winds of autumn roll in, so does the irresistible urge for cozy, warming drinks. This is the season when your daily coffee ritual evolves from a mere caffeine fix into a comforting, aromatic experience. Here we will explore the art of pairing coffee with delightful seasonal treats, whether you're sipping your favorite brew in our coffee shop or recreating the magic at home.

Hot Coffee & Warm Apple Pie (or Apple Cider Donuts)

There's something timelessly comforting about pairing a hot cup of coffee with a warm slice of apple pie. The richness of the coffee beautifully complements the sweet and slightly tangy flavors of the pie. Of course, we had to mention apple cider donuts, as this is our current feature flavor of coffee beans - check it out here.

Why it works: The robust notes in hot coffee, especially dark roasts, contrast and balance the sugary and fruity flavors of apple pie. The coffee's warmth enhances the pie's comforting qualities, making this pairing a classic and reliable choice for Fall.

Iced Coffee & Pumpkin Bread

For those who prefer their caffeine cold, a glass of iced coffee pairs perfectly with a thick slice of pumpkin bread (or crumb cake if you are at our Surf City location). The crisp chill of the coffee and the sweet, spiced notes of the bread create a refreshing and satisfying duo.

Why it works: Iced coffee's clean and crisp profile complements the cozy flavors of pumpkin bread. The contrast between the cold coffee and the warm, soft bread is invigorating, making it an ideal combination for those lingering sunny October afternoons.

Cold Brew & Cinnamon Rolls

Cold brew enthusiasts, we haven't forgotten you! A glass of our smooth and mellow cold brew marries perfectly with the cinnamon-infused decadence of a cinnamon roll (especially warmed up!). The coffee's cool smoothness provide a soothing backdrop for the robust spices in the roll.

Why it works: Cold brew's lower acidity than regular coffee allows the sweet and cinnamon-y notes of the cinnamon roll shine. The cold brew also helps to cleanse your palate, so you're ready to dive back into the indulgent flavors of the cinnamon roll with each bite.

Latte & Chocolate Croissant

A well-crafted latte, with its balanced blend of espresso and velvety steamed milk, is an art form in itself. To elevate this experience in October, pair your latte with a chocolate croissant. The richness of the latte melds perfectly with the sweet and velvety notes of the chocolate wrapped in buttery pastry.

Why it works: The creamy, frothy latte blends with the croissants fluffy texture and the richness of the chocolate filling. Each sip of the latte helps balance the experience, so you can fully appreciate the chocolate-y flavors.

Mocha & S'mores

Now is the perfect time to indulge in the delightful combination of a mocha and s'mores. We made it especially easy when you visit us in store with our S'mores Mocha special. The luxurious blend of chocolate and espresso in your mocha melds beautifully with the gooey marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate of a s'more.

Why it works: The mocha's richness enhances the campfire-like essence of s'mores. This pairing is reminiscent of cozy nights by the fire, and it's an excellent choice if you want your coffee to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Chai & Gingerbread Cookies (or any cookies)

Spicy and aromatic chai tea is a perfect partner for gingerbread cookies. The robust flavors of the chai and the warm, slightly spicy notes of gingerbread create an October-inspired pairing that's difficult to resist.

Why it works: Chai's unique blend of spices complements the warmth and spice in gingerbread cookies. The mix between the tea's spiciness and the cookies' sweetness is a delightful experience.

Tea & Scones

For those who prefer tea, a flavorful black or earthy herbal tea pairs delightfully with a fresh scone. The tea's astringency and depth accentuate the scone's sweet and buttery attributes.

Why it works: The briskness of tea provides an effect that makes each bite of the scone taste like the first. The scone and tea combination is a delectable choice for a refined afternoon tea experience.

Whether at Home or a Coffee House

These delightful pairings are designed to be enjoyed both in the comfort of your home and in our cozy coffee houses. Whether you're crafting your own coffee delights or visiting us to experience them, the goal is to create moments of warmth, comfort, and community.

When enjoying these pairings at home, take your time. Brew your coffee or steep your tea mindfully. Serve your treats on a beautiful plate or platter. Create a cozy atmosphere with soft music and perhaps even a warm blanket. Slow down and let each sip and bite transport you to a world of autumnal delight.

For those visiting our coffee shop, know that we've carefully curated each drink and pastry to offer you the cozy experience of a fall morning of afternoon. Our team is always excited to help guide you through what we offer and are eager to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels just like home.

As you embrace the fall season, remember that the art of pairing coffee and seasonal treats isn't just about flavors; it's about creating memories. It's about the warmth of a coffee shop chat with a friend or the joy of savoring a perfect bite at home with family. At How You Brewin, we invite you to explore and savor these pairings, cherishing the beauty of this seasonal tradition.

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