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The Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

How You Brewin hot coffee

Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been warned our entire lives about the dangers of coffee? That it can stunt your growth, lead to insomnia or dehydrate you completely (all myths by the way). But caffeine addicts can rejoice now - for scientists have found that this delicious brown elixir filling our mugs and stomachs is actually quite good for us in the long run.  

While coffee can’t necessarily repair your DNA, researchers have found that it can reduce cellular damage linked to cancer. Therefore, coffee connoisseurs are less likely to get cancer than the coffee haters. Coffee is also considered a superfood that can reduce your chances of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s, constipation and more. The life-giving drink is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that support cell growth, convert food into energy and regulate digestion.   

The magical beverage can even promote liver health, as scientists have found that coffee drinkers consuming four or more cups a day are less likely to suffer from cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver.  

The pièce de résistance? Coffee can actually improve your fitness and promote weight loss. By stimulating your nervous system, caffeine naturally breaks down stubborn body fat and fuels physical performance. Caffeine can also function as an appetite suppressant to help curb bad eating habits. Before your next meal or workout, try sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee to subdue hunger and increase energy.  

We think there are more than enough reasons here to continue on with your love of coffee... so grab your reusable cup and hit us up at HYB for a helping or two of your favorite blend, guilt-free!  

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