The Top Places Serving Our Cold Brew On Tap

June 28, 2019

Nitro cold brew on tap

An exciting aspect of our expansion this year was our new cold brew production space that allows us to keg and sell on the wholesale level.  

With the cold brew coffee craze in full swing, especially as we get deeper into the heat of the summer, local eateries are finding that the trendy product is in high demand everywhere, all the time. We wanted to give restaurants the opportunity to stay ahead of the craze and add cold brew (and nitro) to their menus. We also wanted to give local coffee lovers access to our delicious drinks no matter where they are.  

To help you find our cold brew on tap, here’s a list of all the businesses carrying our brand:  

1. Hotel LBI 

Hotel LBI Long Beach Island 

2. Dockside Diner 

Cold brew at Dockside Diner on Long Beach Island

3. The Mainland 

Nitro cold brew at The Mainland on Long Beach Island

4. Bluewater Café

Nitro cold brew at Bluewater Cafe on Long Beach Island

5. Uncle Will's 

Cold brew at Uncle Will's on Long Beach Island

6. The Goodness Café

Cold brew at The Goodness Cafe on Long Beach Island

7. Panini Bay 

Cold brew at Panini Bay in Tuckerton New Jersey

8. Shore Fire Grille

Cold brew at Shore Fire Grille on Long Beach Island

9. Incredibowls 

Cold brew at Incredibowls on Long Beach Island

10. Scojo's 

Cold brew at Scojo's in Surf City on Long Beach Island

11. MKT Eatery 

Cold brew at MKT eatery on Long Beach Island

12. Terrace Tavern

Cold Brew at Terrace Tavern on Long Beach Island

13. The Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club

Nitro at the sea shell resort and beach club on long beach island

Next time you hit any of these local spots, be sure to ask about our cold brew or nitro. A few bars even use our product for unique, coffee-based cocktails!  

Are you a restaurateur yourself? Have you had customers ask you if you carry cold brew? Supplying our cold brew at your establishment allows you to leverage a quality, local brand and appeal to the community-minded folks that visit and inhabit our area. If you’re interested in serving our coffee, contact us at We’d be happy to give you a tour of our production facility and discuss our wholesale services in greater detail.   

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