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Why a Coffee Date at HYB is the Perfect First Date

Lovebirds consistently use How You Brewin as their go-to first date spot and (not to brag) but we’ve seen more than a few relationships spark and flourish under this very roof. So what is it? What is it that makes a coffee date at How You Brewin so romantic? The atmosphere? The location? The employees? 

In light of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d put together a blog post on why HYB is the most romantic locale for your next first date. 

1. Coffee. Enough said. 

“You wanna grab a coffee?” is practically ingrained in our dating vernacular. And for good reason. Soothing, hot (or iced) beverages will perk you up and settle your nerves as you both trudge through the awkward getting-to-know-each-other phase of the relationship. 

2. Take a romantic beach stroll. 

We know it’s cold out… but is there anything more intimate than a walk on the beach? The sounds of the ocean breaking on the shore fill potentially awkward silences and the sand stretches out for miles, allowing you and your mate to extend your stroll (or cut it short depending on how it’s going).  

Not up for walking but dying for some scenery? Grab a bench at the top of the beach facing out towards the Atlantic and sip your HYB drinks to your hearts’ content. 

3. Enjoy intimate seating! 

In our Surf City location there is plenty of space for you and your date to grab a seat and dive into your own little world. Our tables are comfortably spaced from each other so you can converse without feeling like the whole town is on the date with you.  

4. No dress code required… 

This one’s a given. At HYB, we’re all about looking and feeling comfy. Ditch the heels or sport jacket and don something casual that you will feel relaxed in. 

5. Actually hear each other... 

There’s nothing worse than shouting through a conversation. Rock concerts, loud restaurants and raucous parties are brimming with excess noise, making it impossible to hear and be heard on your first date. You want to make a good first impression, right? Do so at a normal volume. Grab a table and a couple of coffees at quiet, lowkey HYB. The only noise here is the soothing din of whirring espresso machines and coffee house playlists. 

6. Share decadent desserts! 

Don’t date on an empty stomach! Splitting a treat between the two of you can be a sweet ice breaker. Our rotating lineup of yummy cakes and treats are perfect for sharing. 

7. We’re affordable!  

You don’t need to eat at a 5-star restaurant to get to know someone! Save some cash and grab a seat at our Surf City location. Even though you’ll be saving your bank account, you won’t be sacrificing quality.  

8. Stay awhile!  

What if the date is going really well but you’ve finished your drinks? At HYB, there’s no pressure to finish your coffee and split. We’re here to serve you for as long as you like. So grab a second (or third or fourth) refill for you and your date and hunker down for another round of flirtation.  

There’s a reason why the coffee date has been the right of passage for many a courtship. The coffee date is a casual, no pressure rendezvous of latte-slurping and small-talk. So grab your crush and come to HYB! Who knows… maybe this next first date will be your last first date? 

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