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Coffee and Green Tea Consumption Could Lower Mortality Risk For Type 2 Diabetics

Just when you think coffee can’t get any better… it does. Among the many numerous perks (pun intended) of coffee, perhaps the most beneficial and exciting is its potential power to lower the mortality risk for type 2 diabetics.  

According to a recent observational study, individuals with type 2 diabetes who consumed a higher amount of coffee and green tea on a daily basis had a lower risk of mortality than those who did not.  

The study followed over 4,000 participants with type 2 diabetes for 5 years. Individuals who consumed up to one cup of coffee per day had a 12% lower risk of mortality, while those who consumed one cup of coffee per day had 19% lower odds. What’s more, two or more cups of coffee consumed per day had 41% lower odds. Your morning cup(s) of joe plays a bigger role than you think!  

What about the people drinking both coffee and green tea on the reg? The risk of mortality was even lower: 51% lower for two to three cups of green tea in addition to two or more cups of coffee. 

Though there are numerous effective treatments for type two diabetes ranging from drugs to diet, this study may have found a new, unique course of treatment in the form of your favorite beverages. With antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and bioactive compounds, coffee and green tea deliver a variety of health benefits to the human body.  

While the biology behind these new findings has yet to be determined, it’s thought that caffeine plays a vital role in altering insulin production and sensitivity. Previous studies have even found that coffee intake can prevent type 2 diabetes. Findings showed that individuals who increased their coffee consumption by over one cup per day had an 11 percent lower risk of developing the disease. So that extra mug-full of HYB house roast you poured this morning could not only give you that extra boost you needed, but it could also potentially prevent you from developing a serious disease.  

Coffee seems to have endless, wondrous (and mysterious) benefits for the body and mind. Experts have found that coffee can actually improve your fitness and promote weight loss by stimulating your nervous system, fueling physical performance and helping break down stubborn body fat. We can’t wait to find out more on this intriguing topic and share the findings with you all. In the meantime, stay tuned and drink your coffee!    

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