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Just Ask Episode 7: What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Tastes like coffee, pours like Guinness! This week’s ‘Just Ask’ is all about nitro cold brew, the beverage pouring from our taps looking suspiciously like a coffee stout. 

Despite what you might think, nitro cold brew is non-alcoholic (though it does taste fantastic in cocktails). To make nitro cold brew, you’ll need to make classic cold brew first. Coarse grounds are steeped for 24 hours in cool water and the resulting concentrate is filtered, given a dose of water and served cold. The resulting libation is a smoother alternative to traditional iced coffee. For an even smoother alternative to iced coffee, enter ‘nitro.’ 

Nitro cold brew is made by simply infusing our homemade cold brew with nitrogen gas at a high pressure. This infusion adds a creamy consistency to the product. First-time nitro drinkers will often assume that milk has been added to the drink - but nitro hardly requires any additives (including ice) what with its creamy flavor profile and mouthfeel! And, contrary to popular belief, nitro does not have more caffeine than regular cold brew.

Check out the video below where HYB co-owner Lori demonstrates the making of nitro cold brew!



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