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Four Refreshing Mocktail Recipes You Can Mix From Home

Mocktails are stirring up the food and beverage industry one alcohol-less shaker at a time. These refreshing, non-alcoholic and often coffee-based beverages are delicious alternatives to their boozy counterparts.

At How You Brewin, we’ve begun crafting concoctions that rival cocktails in flavor and nutritional value! Here’s a few of our favorite invigorating mocktail recipes that you can mix up right from home.

1. Ginger mule

The Ginger Mule is a delicious take on the Moscow Mule, only instead of Vodka, we’re using cold brew. Add muddled lime, ice, ginger beer and a sprig of rosemary and you’ve got yourself a delicious, alcohol-free cocktail. The rosemary lends a gentle, woodsy aroma while the cold brew compliments the spicy ginger beer and supplies a subtle caffeine buzz.

Ginger mule mocktail

2. Cold Fashioned

A traditional Old Fashioned contains muddled sugar and bitters, whiskey and a twist of citrus. For our “Cold Fashioned,” replace the sweet notes of whisky with vanilla and chocolate syrup. Add a splash of cold brew for a little kick and a cherry on top for good measure!

Cold Fashioned mocktail

3. Strawberry Refresher

The fragrant Strawberry Refresher is the perfect patio companion. Fill a tall, chilled glass with muddled strawberries, seltzer, simple syrup and a squeezed lemon. Float a few freshly sliced cucumbers along the top of the drink for a crisp, subtle flavor.

Strawberry Refresher  mocktail

4. Blueberry Vanilla Refresher

One taste and our Blueberry Vanilla Refresher will become your favorite post-beach beverage this summer. Combine muddled blueberry, seltzer, squeezed lemon and a bit of vanilla extract to balance out the fruity flavors.

Blueberry Vanilla Refresher mocktail

Mocktail Bar Coming Soon!

You can recreate these simple mocktails at home with just a few basic ingredients and our house cold brew. Hankering for a professional to mix up your drink? Give our brand new mocktail bar a visit this summer! As you may have noticed, our Surf City location has been undergoing quite an expansion. The finished space will include a fully-stocked mocktail bar from which our baristas will be slinging specialty, non-alcoholic beverage like fruity refreshers and espresso-based martinis. Stop in for creative versions of your favorite bar drinks, so you can get the buzz without the dehydrating and calorie-heavy alcohol!

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